the sun has (finally) got his hat on…

By amy ~ July 4th, 2018 @ 9:20 pm

It’s not exactly sweltering I know, but the relatively cooler temperatures here by the coast are just the ticket for a non-sun worshipper; that’s with the caveat that the longer days are a lot better than the ones where it’s barely light when my phone goes on at half past nine and then dark again by the time I’ve turned it off (and I’m including those days when I’m finished, gone and in the gym before two pm). And I promise not to bang on about the football again – last time was plenty, although as we can see from the updated wall chart it’s certainly getting interesting and even more so for the neutral folk.

My propensity to skive at every available opportunity is no secret especially after a busy few weeks, and I’ve very much enjoyed settling into a football and snack-driven stupor each afternoon the like of which hasn’t been seen since the 2010 World Cup (which very long standing readers among us will remember was when this blog started looking, well, like this) even if the commentators managed to fuck it up for everybody who had their iPlayers and ITV Hubs at the ready, by helpfully keeping us up to speed on the game we weren’t watching but were planning to immediately afterwards (cue some very speedy hands over the ears and a lot of LA LA LA-ing) but life must go on, the end is only ten days away and I have a London trip only one week away to get ready for!

I may not be charging around like I was five or so years ago when I was younger and could be arsed my relentless travel schedule was at its most manic, but as anybody who’s read more than a couple of blogs and certainly as anybody who subscribes to the newsletter knows I never planned to drop my London visits. Apart from anything else there are always things I want to do between the Tates, the Prince Charles Cinema, the V&A and more restaurants and running routes than I can shake a stick at it’s never dull (and nor are the inhabitants, thankfully); this time next week I will be settling in over at Aldgate East once again – yay! The weather forecast is unchanged as far as I can see, so for reassurance’s sake I can report that the hotel aircon is definitely up to the task and thank God for that.

Another cast-iron London tradition is FrightFest; never let it be said that the best way to spend the August Bank Holiday weekend isn’t sitting in a dark cinema with (even better) aircon for four and a half days. My weekend pass was secured last Saturday after the smoothest online booking process ever, to the extent that I was almost disappointed by not having to sit pressing Refresh for two hours while available seats popped up, disappeared and then popped up again before the whole thing crashed and had to be reloaded. The (almost as enjoyable as the festival) ritual making-of-the-spreadsheet with my personal itinerary – including colour coding for different screens and suggestions for possible food during the breaks – is also done and the big weekend begins on Thursday August 23rd; I’m happy to announce that I’ll be taking up residence a couple of days earlier in Waterloo for some hi-jinks, a nice stroll on the riverside and possibly an outing to the last night of Summer Screen over at Somerset House; I couldn’t find a way to join in last year, but I did miss it, even if it took forever to get my yoga mat clean afterwards.

Before all that though, it’s business as usual here in Scarborough and a bit of extra effort is being made now that the schedule is settling down – the last couple of weeks’ diet has consisted mostly of hot dogs, cheese, Monster Munch and peanut butter cookies and next week brings the usual constraints of hotel room catering, so I threw myself on the mercy of the lovely people at Farmaround for extra organic veg supplies and as we can see from the picture they triumphed! Fun though it is to eat 3000 calories a day in the form of saturated fat and refined carbs, it’s not really me plus I need to get on with the new pictures before I morph into Jabba The Hutt.

In celebration of the weather, a summery Song Of The Week – sort of – I always liked the video and I haven’t heard it in years. Long may the sun keep shining, at least provided it stays below thirty degrees outside…

More soon! It’s high time I got tomorrow’s salad started, since I can only keep up this sort of virtuosity for so long before the carb cupboard gets the better of me.

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  1. Adoring from afar

    Adoring the spreadsheet ritual :)))
    This song is one of the fav songs of my youth, thank you for reminding me of it.


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