allez les Bleus (et les Seasiders)!

By amy ~ July 22nd, 2018 @ 8:34 pm

And what a World Cup it was! Even if the lasting memory for many of us watching the final from the UK last week was envy, both of Russia for their rain and Croatia for their president. Congratulations to France, and all without your star striker getting a single shot on target for the duration of the tournament. Staggering stuff.

Back to normality, and I’m fortunate indeed that the gaping hole in the football calendar left by the Greatest Show On Earth was nicely filled less than a week later by a wander down to Scarborough’s pre-season friendly against fellow fan-owned club FC United of Manchester yesterday, and very entertaining it was too, as well as being the first chance to watch football in the fresh air for a while (even if we did lose 2-3). This seasons’ fixtures are all available now and there’s some promising stuff indeed – I won’t miss the World Cup at all. Well maybe a bit.

London was stupidly busy and apologies to those who missed out; clearly the heat wasn’t putting anybody off (or maybe my weapons-grade air con was drawing them in) but I’ll be back in a month and finally returning to Waterloo for the first time in what seems like an age – yay! I should point out that it’s a bit of a flying visit pre-FrightFest and I’ll only be about for a couple of days, although I’ll be back again at the end of September. Fingers crossed for a little more downtime – after a well-earned trip to the Natural History Museum for an exhibition and lunch in a thirsty-looking Hyde Park with the very lovely Roxy on the Saturday before the train home, I remembered (in the nicest possible way) that part of the reason for being away from home at all is to have some fun, and that includes outside the hotel room as well as in it.

The eagle eyed will have spotted some housekeeping in that I’ve also edited some bits of the website; according to Google Analytics, almost two thirds (61%) of visitors are on their phones compared with fewer than half upon first putting it on when New Site went live some three and a quarter years ago – about 48%, if memory serves. Those visitors would include me, and upon looking at a few bits (tables especially) the layout could have been easier to read, so now it is – woohoo! I’ll also be increasing the size of the pictures and adding some of the new ones once I’ve had time to settle down and tinker with them; it’s nothing to do with trying vainly to get VivaStreet punters to read it all properly, honest. I’m a trooper, but even I know an exercise in absolute futility when I see one.

It’s been something of a manic couple of weeks altogether and I won’t deny that my communication skills may have been somewhat lacking – sorry! These things come in fits and starts, a quiet few days is long overdue and I’ll be taking it a bit easier for the remainder of the month so I can get properly caught up both with admin and domesticity. The coming week will be (hopefully) a little less taxing; I’ve managed a peaceful weekend, and the gradual return to my usual gentle routine is doing me the world of good even if it did take a little longer than I was anticipating. Plus I have homemade moussaka and carrot cake (which means the usual gym routine will be returning too, out of sheer necessity).

Song of the Week is current-ish (for a change), comes courtesy of the wonderful Chaka Khan and has been a summer kitchen-dancing mainstay over the last few days; I probably wouldn’t have my carrot cake without it. It’s also been something of an earworm (admittedly not helped by the fact that the last time my ears were unadorned with headphones when I was doing anything bar sleeping, working or swimming was longer ago than I can remember) and I even got in a few sneakily-concealed-as-shopping moves to it in Lidl yesterday evening on my post-match recce of the bargains, since it was that kind of day. Plus nobody gives a fuck in Lidl, least of all me. It’s great being middle aged.

More soon! It’s lovely to be home…

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  1. Masseuse

    In the sunshine and in darkness – it was a lovely afternoon! :) xx


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