seasons in the sun (still!)

By amy ~ September 17th, 2018 @ 4:54 pm

Well after a couple of weeks of very necessary R&R, I can report that I’m as revitalised as I’m ever going to be and enjoying the lovely autumn sunshine – the season change is getting into full swing and whilst the leaves are still green and coats are still in the cupboard for now, the heating is on (albeit low) and the annual rummage for UGGs, warm tights and jumpers without holes will be taking place sooner rather than later. Since cooler weather means even more reason to make pies (as well as cakes, scones, brownies and – later today – moussaka), thankfully the gym is still there too.

Equally thankfully, the onset of autumn proper brings the Celluloid Screams lineup – a return to Sheffield for a few days of cosy and low effort entertainment at the lovely Showroom cinema is imminent, and with renewed enthusiasm since allocated seating has been introduced and therefore spending half of each and every break queuing down the staircase just to get a decent view in the free-for-all will no longer be necessary, although I suspect it will make the already-bad latecomer situation even worse. What is possibly less good news to some will be that unlike the last time I attended there will be no booking availability – sorry, but it’s a holiday. Plus it’s still several weeks away (although the passes are all but gone – see the seat plan above!)

Pimlico on the other hand is creeping up fast – it’s been a few months and a return to my favourite of the laid back London locations (OK, the only laid back one of my regular London locations) and I will be there in nine days’ time – yay! Plans include a stroll over to the nearby Tate Britain (despite the upcoming Edward Byrne Jones exhibition being almost a month away; it’s not as if there’s nothing else to look at) and a visit to the V&A on Saturday to see the now-sold-out Frieda Kahlo before home time. Looser plans include the odd morning run along the riverside for some fresh air and to compliment it by way of Yang, possibly a Prince-Charles-Cinema-and-kebab night (availability permitting).

Unless I discover some hitherto unknown talent for being in two places at once between now and then, obviously this means I will be away from Scarborough from Wednesday week until the following Monday and the start of the new month! October is going to be busy, not least because of Celluloid Screams as well as a possible lightning dash to the London Film Festival in the same week – updates will be posted when I know them (and when I’ve finalised how many tickets I want, and for when). The start of November sees a return to Aldgate for a few days followed by a lot of sleeping and the annual gearing up for Christmas at home for a month, if I haven’t already got carried away and done it all by then.

Helping to keep an eye on things at home will be the two lively new additions to the household pictured above, following the sad passing of one of my more elderly charges from Tank 1 (not very imaginative, I know) and I have no doubt they’re settling in nicely after two big frozen peas and a good fin stretch when we all got home yesterday. They don’t have names for now, partly because they don’t need them and mostly because I’m not yet able to tell them apart but they are very, very cute.

Business as usual for the next few days then, and Song Of the Week is a nostalgic favourite of mine from way back in the days of the mixtape – yay! I can easily remember the discovery of the Buzzcocks’ singles album Going Steady while rummaging in Record Revivals twenty eight-ish years ago and playing it non-stop on my hifi for days – as some will remember, the hifi systems of the day universally came with a double cassette deck on the front, a CD player if very fancy and a 45/33 turntable with a lid on the top. Anybody who had the sense, money and space went for separates with a decent amp and the obligatory huge and inappropriate speakers, usually from the second hand shop – since I was lacking in all of the above I didn’t get my separates until 1993, but I’m sure my neighbours enjoyed them nearly as much as I did.

More soon! I’ll see some of you in the week, but for now it’s spinning, yoga then home for more pie and an early night…

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  1. La Bamba

    Every reasonable neighbour should appreciate keeping them up to date with music trends :)


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