it’ll be here before we know it…

By amy ~ October 13th, 2018 @ 5:06 pm

Christmas cake baking day, that is. The leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in and the oddbod bags of dried fruit hanging about in the baking box have been loosely assembled; sherry has been bought and after a proper inventory to see what’s missing the whole lot will be going on to soak midweek – yay! Autumn is resolutely my favourite time of the year for many reasons, even if it does make a mess.

As mentioned previously I will be spending a fair bit of the next few weeks sitting in the cinema (which is exactly the way I like it, even if it doesn’t help keep the bills paid) and as the weather is unarguably on the turn now, it’s as good as place as any to be whiling away the time! First up is the London Film Festival, my bit of which gets underway tomorrow and for which I am quickly gathering up at home as I type prior to a dash down in the morning. Too much dithering meant I didn’t get quite all the tickets I wanted, but some shorts, some sci-fi, a bit of French extreme plus Nicolas Cage will do me nicely (and there’s a Danish Christmas comedy in there somewhere too!) A trip over to South Kensington is rarely something I look forward to, but I’ll be paying a visit to Ciné Lumière for the first time as well as the vair fancy Picturehouse Central and the decidedly less fancy Prince Charles (and needless to say, most of my tickets are for the Prince Charles).

I will be back VERY briefly on Tuesday evening and then off again on Friday teatime; Celluloid Screams in Sheffield is next weekend’s destination and a relaxing weekend of lots more films and lots less charging about will be the order of the day – woohoo! I missed last year because I’d seen most of the programme already; no such concerns this year when the handful of features which I have seen are all ones I’d happily sit through again. I’m sure I don’t need to tell anybody that my phone will be off throughout and emails may take a couple of days, but nothing out of the ordinary for weekends anyway really, and I’ll be home on the Monday to sort it all out.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks and my return to Aldgate (with one of my favourite London hotels) will be preceded by the FrightFest Halloween all-dayer, which will write off the first Saturday in November (literally, since I’ll be up at 5am to get the early train and whether or not I’ll last until midnight-ish is debatable). Running total: twenty eight films in twenty one days – let’s hope some of them are good, but if not there’s always the German Gym. And in the days between them, Scarborough is looking very pretty (although the near-hurricane yesterday afternoon which disappeared as fast as it arrived I could have done without, and I suspect I’m not on my own).

Song Of The Week – for a change – is more Video Of The Week in order to continue the film theme; not that Uptown Funk is not a stellar pop song in itself (and the proper video is here), even if Bruno Mars can at best be described as a bit of a bellend. There’s a list in the comments for completists among us who might like to screenshot it (me) and also plenty from two of my all-time favourites, Gene Kelly being one and Singing In The Rain being the other. Magic.

More soon and I promise not to leave it so long! Time to pack the back cushion and hit up Poundland for Maltesers…

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  1. [...A Secret Agent...]

    May I add that a good counterpoint to Nicolas Cage’s ‘Mandy’ would be ‘Johnny English strikes again’ :-)
    However, most of the funny moments are already covered in the trailer.


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