time for the high road!

By amy ~ February 27th, 2019 @ 12:33 pm

…the bags are packed, the alarm is set, the flat is almost tidy and I’ll be setting off for Glasgow first thing tomorrow – yay!

The first film festival mini-break of the year can’t come soon enough after a five year hiatus; unlike Edinburgh – getting to which meant nothing more strenuous than forgetting to get off the train at York – Glasgow was always just that bit too far away to be a very regular stopoff (likewise Aberdeen; great city but excruciating journey, and don’t get me started on Inverness) and since Glasgow FrightFest hasn’t been on my to do list for a few years in the name of trying to be sensible, it all muddles up to explain why I somehow haven’t been back for such a long time. To be fair, buying a work flat curtailed most of the chasing around (as was kind of the point).

My phone will be off until Sunday morning out of sheer practicality, but I’ll be answering texts as and when inbetween films; normal service will be resumed on Sunday afternoon after a swift dash across town! As for Scarborough, you’re looking at Wednesday (and ditto for the Londoners – just not the same Wednesday) as well as an update to the time off already alluded to in a month or so, but all in good time…

So a well deserved rest after a few busy weeks, and in perfect conditions too given that this week last year was – if not quite Arctic – certainly a bit more challenging (and had I decided to head up for the Glasgow films I likely wouldn’t have made it). I’ll be hoping to catch a couple of side films at the big Cineworld down the road, get a couple of gallery visits in and find some Pizza Crunch amongst other things before heading for home. And it’s looking as if I’ll also be catching up with at least a couple of old acquaintances, but as ever, there’s always room to make new ones!

Song Of The Week accompanies possibly my most favourite music video of all time and the determination to save it for the right occasion is the only reason I haven’t posted it before. The joyful weather alone is reason enough.

A brief one then – more soon! And fingers crossed for the weekend…

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