it might as well be spring…

By amy ~ February 16th, 2019 @ 6:29 pm

It’s mid-February already! Gosh.

I’ve been back for ten days and the relative peace and quiet of Pimlico has merged nicely with that of Scarborough, give or take – a return trip to the Royal Academy to catch the final hours of the Klimt/Schiele exhibition and buy myself a post-birthday present from the postcard section, an afternoon wander over to the Tate for some Pre-Raphaelite action and another chance to see Do The Right Thing for a thirtieth anniversary showing at BFI Southbank, at which I was gratified to see that whilst the majority of the other cinemagoers also looked as if they could have caught it on the original run as I did, a pretty decent proportion definitely did not. The last time I saw DTRT I was soaked to the skin and sitting on the ground in a stone courtyard, so a nice plush seat in NFT2 was a marked improvement.

I’d also forgotten how much I actually like getting up on a bright, chilly Sunday morning, taking twenty minutes to get into my thickest compression tights (only to immediately need a wee, ffs) and setting about running nearly seven miles in the sunshine! After all the uncertainty I thoroughly enjoyed my razz around the usual London landmarks with some twenty three thousand others, plus polar bears, penguins and huskies and a couple of yetis too, I think. Due to my extremely slow cautious and steady pace, I had no worse consequences to worry about the following day than a bit of backache and a nothing-short-of-unseemly craving for peanut butter and banana crumpets (and thanks to an early Monday morning visitor back in Pimlico, I soon forgot all about the first if not the second).

The winter likely hasn’t quite finished with us yet, but the coldest days so far have been and gone and new developments – some within my control and others completely beyond it – are forging ahead as the Spring approaches! Nothing is pinned down yet and it will mean less availability here in Scarborough for at least a few weeks and potentially a couple of months due to (yes) more long-awaited building work and DIY over at HQ, but more for the Londoners since I don’t need to be here for most of it. Ditto the two upcoming Scottish trips if we’re including Dead By Dawn over the Easter weekend; I hadn’t planned to hang about but given the shenanigans here and the undeniably fun couple of days spent keeping company last year I’ve decided on extending my visit – more details nearer the time! It’s a long way off yet, after all.

Glasgow FrightFest on the other hand is creeping up with inexorable haste and any concerns I had about the weather conditions are steadying out – I had no idea that it’s been five years! The first horror festival of the year (to my knowledge, anyway) begins on Thursday 28th and I will be arriving earlier that day, then moving on to a venue more suitable for visitors on the Sunday lunchtime – yay! Given that I’ll be spending most of the weekend in the cinema my phone will be off, but I’ll promise to keep an eye on texts and emails in between the films and on my way to and from the hot pie counter in the Tesco Metro round the corner (there are some things you don’t forget about, even after five years).

So apologies for the vagueness, but as soon as I have something concrete to update with I’ll post it. In the meantime something calm and gentle from one of my favourite ever albums for Song of the Week, and fingers crossed for everything else.

More soon! Sooner than this time – promise.

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