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By amy ~ July 11th, 2019 @ 8:43 pm

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After a full six weeks of peace and tranquillity, or as near as it ever gets for the gainfully self employed, it’s almost time to get packed and set off for Angel at the weekend – yay! The weather forecast has been checked and proved inconclusive, therefore the timeless British tradition of just bringing everything potentially useful (sunglasses, flipflops, Factor 50, umbrella, polar fleece) will be continued and I will be digging it all out over the next couple of days.

Last Saturday saw the annual pantomime that is buying a Frightfest weekend pass; just over an hour of endless timeouts and pressing Refresh this year for one ticket (which admittedly is an improvement on 2016 particularly when at one point it didn’t look as if I’d get one at all) and thanks to my sterling forward planning my favourite mini-pod hotel has been booked for the August Bank Holiday weekend since January, so all organised! By way of a culture shock, I’ll be moving over to my favourite fancy-schmancy Waterloo hotel on the Tuesday afterwards for the rest of the week for a bit more space and a spa and needless to say all are welcome, at least all who can string a polite and coherent sentence together and get my name right, which admittedly writes off at least half of the enquiries from the last few days. I believe it’s called Falling At The First Hurdle.

Bar a couple of drizzly spells, the sunshine has continued and I have done likewise when it comes to getting outdoors at every possible opportunity; there has been ice cream from the ice cream van, the fighter planes on Armed Forces Day (and I do have a video, but I can’t work out how to add it) and a lot of Pokémon Go. Since it’ll all likely be over and done with once the schools break up it’s always worth making the most of the long days, but it also means that I’m even less likely than usual to be hanging about at the flat with phone in hand, so as ever, NOTICE please! If I had a tenner for every time I’ve said ‘sorry, too short notice‘ on the phone this week – well, that would be pretty great, but it’s sadly not going to happen.

The promised new pictures are well on their way and a handful are up! Apologies for the blurry mess quality of the current set, but the light in my flat is dire even if my phone camera isn’t – thankfully you can still make me out, but it was all a bit of a mad rush (and I’ll be honest, I plan to ditch the majority and retake the rest). The very newest of all – which are much better quality thanks at least in part to my shiny new phone but also a venue with bigger windows – are still needing cropping and faffing with and I don’t have time this week, but there’s one above to be going on with and another overleaf on the slightly-rejigged About Page (since the previous one was almost five years old *winces*).

Back to the approaching week and whilst availability is certainly dwindling, there’s time yet including first thing Wednesday morning before I pack up, check out and amble over to Brick Lane for a hair touch up followed by a look round Spitalfields Market (time allowing), a big dinner at the German Gym (definitely) and a completely uneventful train ride home – fingers crossed. I will be back at work in Scarborough on the Friday after a nice long lie in (also known as Thursday) and a spot of fresh air, and that’ll be it until August!

Song Of The Week this week will be familiar to anybody who has seen me in person, given that it’s a stalwart of every playlist I’ve ever had. A new one is well underway and I have no doubt Marlena will be on it somewhere, but I’ll be leaving off the rainy day jobs while the weather lasts so as fun as playlist-making is, the fine tuning will have to wait.

More soon! Feet up for now, I think.

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