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By amy ~ June 23rd, 2019 @ 8:54 pm

Hello! It’s high time for an update, even if there (in the best possible way) is little excitement to post about. It’s midsummer and the days are long, evenings warm enough to only require the thinnest of hoodies over the t-shirt and as always, the rain has been heavy and persistent, at least until yesterday and I managed an escape to the beach – yay!

For somebody who has lived here in Scarborough for twenty nine years next month I have probably spent barely a month of that entire time on the beach, which seems a bit of a shame and one that needs to be rectified asap. Plus the call of proper doughnuts is too much to ignore once I get within ten minutes of the lifeboat house and frankly, if this is going to be the only summer we get it’s as well to make the most of it. Plus the few weeks downtime between London trips has given me chance to catch up with some much needed batch cooking, my favourite gym classes and also get reacquainted with my very neglected Pokémon Go account to get some long walks in in the name of monster-hunting even though I am 46.

It’s exactly the halfway point between London visits and my next stint in Angel will no doubt be here before we know it – plans are underway to map out the rest of the year and even the start of the next, but after the mini-stop in Euston a few weeks ago a proper stay there is in the offing as well as the usual suspects over in Whitechapel, Waterloo, Victoria and Pimlico (the latter just as soon as I can rely on the weather to have cooled off a bit). Dates will be available overleaf as soon as I know them, but there will – provisionally – be no more six week long gaps if only for the sake of my sanity; as pleasant as weekday lie-ins, beach walks, yoga classes and languorous afternoons pottering in the kitchen cooking soup/baking cornbread and brownies most certainly are, there’s only so much R&R a person needs. And that’s when it isn’t pissing down morning, noon and night.

There has also been time to get properly caught up on admin and the most important bit of information for newsletter subscribers is that I’m currently struggling with an update to the plugin I use to write and send it, which has – not to put too fine a point on it – completely fucked it up, and subsequently there’s going to be a bit (more) of a gap before I can do another. It’s a pain right enough, but hopefully it’ll be fixed soon and in the meantime just blog will have to do. I’ll have another crack at it tomorrow, but don’t count on anything sensible for a while at least.

The next big event on my radar is the full FrightFest programme being released a week on Thursday; my August Bank Holiday weekends have been accounted for thus for a good few years now, and this one will be no exception. Planning which of the five screens I will be sitting in at any given time over the five days is almost my favourite part (alongside the bus rides there/back and having Dr Pepper, Babybels and Wagon Wheels for breakfast) and the blank spreadsheet is ready and waiting as always – there may be the odd space for bookings inbetween, so watch this space. Hair will follow, and then it’s full steam ahead to Waterloo for the rest of the week – woohoo! I will almost certainly be crowbarring a trip to Victoria in before that, all being well; concrete details to follow…

In the meantime, peace and tranquility reigns! I will be around and about for incalls here in Scarborough with appropriate notice (and just to reiterate what this means, at least an hour please since I’m unlikely to be at my flat unless I know I need to be) for another three weeks yet, so fingers crossed for the weather. In decorating news the wait for the render/plaster to finish drying out continues so the place still isn’t looking its best, but at least it won’t be too much longer and the whole lot might even be done by the end of the summer holidays. And the IKEA bits are holding up nicely.

Song Of The Week is to celebrate the summer or as we now know it, Saturday June 22nd. For anybody who hasn’t listened to Pet Sounds in a while, definitely do it.

More soon! The cornbread is calling…

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