buses, beigels and the final stretch…

By amy ~ June 2nd, 2019 @ 6:35 pm

It’s June already! The longer days are well and truly here, although since I’ve had a very pleasant but also very tiring week I’ve been in bed while there was still some semblence of daylight for the last two nights, so I’ve not had chance to take full advantage by idly wandering down to Tesco at 10pm or coming out of evening yoga class with the sun still shining at 8pm. Admittedly it doesn’t get any more exciting than that, but that’s just fine by me, at least until this next week is over and I’m back at home for a good six weeks – yay!

I did manage a trip over to Malton for the annual food festival last weekend (which helped curtail the spending since I was headed for London the following day, although I did spring for an expensive lemonade at the bus bar, just so I could try to see inside it) and whilst the bedroom at the flat is still waiting to be painted, I have been using my downtime constructively by finishing off the rest of it and even attempting to put a two person IKEA flatpack together unaided (the Kallax stacked-cube shelving, for anybody interested). This went better than expected but still not well, and help was eventually sought or the bastard thing would have fallen to pieces altogether and I would need an even bigger swear box.

The luxury of a day in London without prior commitments (at least those that involve spending twenty three or so hours of the day in my hotel room) is something I don’t get very often and I made the most of it with a trip to the V&A for the (sold out, and deservedly so) Christian Dior exhibition, a stroll up to Angel and subsequent wander past the Screen on the Green which while looking for somewhere to have dinner led me to Rocketman, a film I had little or no interest in seeing, but that was starting at an ideal time for me to put a bucket of Thai noodles away and get back again without missing the trailers.

As is so often the case with things I was ambivalent about I thoroughly enjoyed it, heartily recommend it and may well wander out to see it again; I also got a first look at the trailer for the new Tarantino film – and here it is! An altogether fruitful endeavour even if the bus back inexplicably took forever. I could have walked it in less time.

Just as exciting, we also had the latest trailer for Toy Story 4 (which I was first alerted to on a trip to see Mary Poppins last Christmas and had to force myself to forget about for the sake of my sanity, even though I cried so much at Toy Story 3 I couldn’t leave the cinema until everybody else had gone). I also plan to see Booksmart at some point this week – possibly at Rich Mix, possibly at Genesis – which ought to indicate to anybody nearby that I’ll be back in Aldgate East, something the organised (a fair few of whom rang last week when I was just along the District Line at Victoria) will already know.

It’s really just a flying visit and specifically a hair appointment-based one (which will necessitate another trip to Beigel Bake for the packed lunch, something I’m certainly not crying about although my skinny jeans might), but there will be free time for visitors, including those I missed last week. My next London dates have yet to be sorted but there will be another trip before FrightFest in August and in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying some well deserved peace, quiet and (fingers crossed) sunshine and fresh air here at the seaside – I feel as if I’ve spent most of the last three months either in a hotel room or on a building site and it’s definitely time for a change of pace.

Keeping the hotel theme going a little longer, and with a far jauntier touch than I had at half past five on Friday morning when I got up to prepare for the train ride home, a long-forgotten Song Of The Week which popped up unexpectedly on my Spotify while I was on the bus to my fourth one in a month. I’d forgotten all about the White Stripes.

More soon – I have last minute packing to finish! I do hope everybody likes all the new pictures too; the replacement process is ongoing, and may the sun keep shining while it does…

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2 Responses to buses, beigels and the final stretch…

  1. Bob

    It’s a shame you don’t do role play as I think you would make a terrific Red Sonja, the film and comic con is coming up soon………..

  2. amy

    Well I can’t act for toffee, but I suppose that didn’t stop Brigitte Nielsen! The new one is out next year, I think.

    One day I will get to comic con…


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