a long good friday (& saturday, & sunday)…

By amy ~ May 12th, 2019 @ 5:10 pm

And a week on from the Great Bank Holiday Weekend Sleep In the winter coat is firmly on, the warm socks are back out of the not-for-six-months drawer and things are definitely starting to settle back into peaceful normality – it couldn’t come soon enough for me after all the racing about.

It’s been business as usual for most of the week despite the flat still being far from done as anybody visiting will see – as anybody visiting ought to be a grown adult they will also know that building work is a marathon and not a sprint, and that trying to finish it all in a millisecond is the road to madness – steady away will be the mantra from now on. In other suitably gentle and life-affirming news I’m currently still recovering from the kitchen tip I got from a friendly local about spring onions, namely that if I cut the tops off properly once I’ve finished with them and stand the bulb ends up in a jar of water, the green bits will grow back to their former majesty in less than a week (see picture!) and provide a pretty much inexhaustible supply of lovely stuff to scissor-cut over my dinner. Mind. Blown.

New pictures are up for anybody who wants to wander over to the galleries; newer still are on their way thanks to the good people at Not Another Salon and their hairdressing sorcery – yay! I sped down on the Monday teatime train, bobbled up Brick Lane to NAS bright and early on Tuesday morning (actually slightly further up Brick Lane to stock up at Beigel Bake first, after being forewarned that I may be some time) and some six hours later I left with a new colour and a mini takeaway pot for top ups, staggeringly neat and shiny blow dry (even more staggering considering the weapons-grade bleaching that had been taking place some four hours earlier) and a dogged determination to not fuck it up. Or not right away, at least.

A couple of days, a new hotel (plus a huge schnitzel, chips and cake dinner at my perennial favourite the German Gym) and yet another train ride later and I was back I’ll get some proper ones organised asap, but here’s a quick one from this morning to be getting on with for now! The rest of me hasn’t changed a bit, and until I can walk past Beigel Bake and it’s compatriots without going inside, nor is it likely to.

I will be back in town in two and half weeks and pitching camp in Victoria, my usual Christmas stomping ground. The Vitality 10K beckons on the Monday morning, but it’s business as usual the rest of the week and for those who can’t make it I’ll be back very briefly the week after for another trip to the hairdressers, a bit more shameless profligacy across the road in Rokit Vintage and a lot more schnitzel or more likely a spot of Käsekrainer, just as soon as I work out how to order one. Further upcoming dates are being organised as we speak with aircon being the top priority – it’s that time of year again!

In the meantime the decorating/relaxation continues at home with a few recent highlights, not least the novelty of a Specials gig taking place barely fifteen minutes’ walk from my front door (and considerably less than that if you take the high speed route, known locally as falling off the cliff). A top night was had, and while Monkey Man would have been the obvious choice for the encore and a bit more uptempo, the temptation to deviate from the obvious for both they and now me was clearly too strong, so for fellow Father Ted fans everywhere here is our Song Of The Week. Careful now.

More soon! Scarborough hours are as normal this week for the first time in ages – will see you there…

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2 Responses to a long good friday (& saturday, & sunday)…

  1. Adoring from Afar...

    Love the new hair!

    The spring onion tip will be useful.

    There should be a cake eating class in every gym!


  2. amy

    Thank you! The spring onion jar thing is amazing!

    Sadly, one thing I don’t need to eat cake (or pretty much anything else) is a class :S


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