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By amy ~ September 12th, 2019 @ 1:54 pm

Well the weekend would have been more wonderful without the endless flipping between air conditioning so brutal that Pingu would have felt at home, and the thirty two degrees outside in the square (where I eventually threw in the towel on the Sunday afternoon and fell asleep in a deckchair under a tree, missing the post-lunch film altogether) and – as ever – more sleep, but all told FrightFest is still a pretty fair way to spend an August Bank Holiday even without any real standout films this year, for me at least.

The closest I can get to a recommendation would probably be Halloween Party from Canada (which I can’t find a link for, but anybody who enjoyed It Follows and shares my fondness for the teen horror likes of Final Destination would do well to seek it out) and I’ll Take Your Dead, both micro-budget Discovery screen finds and well above the standard of the main screen – the big crowdpleaser of the weekend Ready Or Not gets a general release on the 29th, I think; I was unimpressed and went to get some chips instead. Still, the hottest FrightFest weather I can remember meant plenty of opportunities to get out for a wander and catch Pokémons around some of the nearby tourist sights I rarely see prior to heading for Waterloo after the Bank Holiday and then home!

More promising film-wise (and not least because many of the things I want to see fall during a week when I’ll be in town anyway for hair, if nothing else) is the London Film Festival next month – my tickets are booked (including a new Nicolas Cage one – woohoo!) and I’ll be pitching up in Angel from Sunday 6th as planned. I may wander over to the Screen On The Green, since I wound up at the Vue for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in the end (the 2pm start time JUST allowed me to be back in Leicester Square and in my FrightFest seat for six – the two thirty start at the Screen would definitely not have).

More details about October will follow directly, but in the meantime I’ll soon get to see OUATIH again since the Prince Charles has picked it up and has showings next week, (as has Fight Club, which I may also pop over to); it’s that time of year, alright. Next week brings Aldgate East for the first time in a while and everything is well on track, thus I will be keeping company from Wednesday afternoon onwards and going home on a shiny new Azuma train on Saturday – yay! Well, it was only another tenner.

The time of year here in Scarborough has meant a turn for the decidedly backend-ish and very welcome it is too, bar the first evening I went for a run at half past seven and found myself picking my way home up the side of the cliff below the clocktower in the bloody dark at barely eight o’clock – that was quick! A huge cardigan was immediately bought to celebrate and even more excitingly, my first ever pair of Kickers, which I begged for for school and was sternly refused (since I already had Doc Martens, and neither are cheap) so I only had to wait thirty five years, although my penchant for ugly shoes hasn’t exactly gone without in the meantime. It may well take another thirty five to break the bloody things in after a summer in flipflops and well worn adidas; a brand new pair of sturdy leather boots is a serious commitment.

For our first Autumn Song Of The Week it’s back to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, my film recommendation of the month since I can’t hand-on-heart give the title to any of this years’ FF offerings. If you didn’t like Jackie Brown you probably won’t like this either, but everybody else – proceed. Lord, the clothes. And the cars

More soon! I’m off to find a crumble and a blanket.

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