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By amy ~ September 30th, 2019 @ 11:12 am

And it’s nine days since I got home from my first trip over to Aldgate East in a while – lots of fun was had despite a few spanners in the works at the hotel (I gave up requesting other rooms after the second move, and – with a bit of help – got the shower working eventually) and a separate highlight in the form of a sneaky Friday afternoon skive to go and watch Fight Club at the Prince Charles. Apologies to those who couldn’t get through, but all work and no play, etc. And it’s not as if I’m never coming back!

This last week has been a little chaotic as anybody trying to call will likely know already, but I can report that the oft-whinged about decorating at my flat is almost finished – yay! I still have tinkering to do and the place will likely smell a little of paint for a couple more days yet, but we finally have some appropriately comfortable and cosy surroundings just in time for the weather turning. All that remains bedroom-wise is a bit of tarting up, and a trip to TK Maxx for a disbelieving wander through the weird crap rummage is in the offing asap, if only because more cushions and blankets make the world a nicer place. Plus, we need coat hooks.

This months’ London trip proper does mean that the evenings are already more or less spoken for if not from 5ish then certainly from 6-7pm, the exception being Tuesday 8th (didn’t get the ticket I wanted – booo) and Thursday 10th, when my film doesn’t start until quarter to nine (and as most people reading will know, unless you have a thing about half-asleep women there’s little point expecting me to play nicely much after that anyway) but I will be around all week until Friday lunchtime to make up for it. The happy coincidence that the main chunk of the LFF is also the week of my hair appointment is cause for a bit of air-punching anyway, but this also means that the Wednesday lunchtime is a write off as I’ll be over on Brick Lane being polished and blowdried to a fabulous shiny state; needless to say nobody is allowed to touch it afterwards on pain of death, or at least until I’ve managed to get noodles stuck in it later on after the aforementioned premiere of Greed at the £40 Odeon Luxe which I eschewed in favour of the <£10 Vue in Angel for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood barely a month ago. I get to sit in the fancy seats after all!

Even fancier will be the opening gala this Wednesday night, and the reason I’m suddenly dashing there and back in under twenty four hours midweek before coming back for the duration on Sunday – I must have been entering the annual members ballot for the opening and closing films for years and never got anywhere until now so it’s all a bit thrown together, but I will be in Victoria for literally a handful of hours in the afternoon before I get my glad rags on and a couple more in the morning before I go whizzing off home on another shiny (and no doubt with the same woefully inadequate luggage racks as the one I took last week) Azuma train, but you never know! Further information will be available on the day, since even I don’t know what the plan is yet.

Song Of The Week heralds the LFF near miss of the century week after I’d already failed completely to get a ticket for The Lighthouse on the Friday afternoon even after the second ticket release (annoying because I’d expected a three film marathon that I’d need to set off for around half past two, hence my finishing work for the week and switching hotels for my favourite pod chain at lunchtime), only to receive the BFI’s newsletter with the New Programme Additions and see ‘Screen Talk: Robert De Niro’, which I clicked on happily expecting a retrospective-type lecture about my favourite actor with some film clips and possibly a few giveaway DVDs or postcards so my Friday afternoon wouldn’t be wasted after all. No, it’s Robert De Niro. And I couldn’t get a ticket *wails*.

Assuming I can scrape myself off the floor and make it to the BFI and back in one piece, more soon. Meanwhile, I have weird TK Maxx crap to browse as consolation…

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