Shanah Tovah!

By amy ~ September 6th, 2021 @ 1:49 pm

…and happy Rosh Hashanah to all, but especially to the lovely lady who fed me honey cake and told me all about it.

It’s been another busy week! As we can see above, immediately after posting new and representative pictures I (apropos of nothing in particular) decided to highlight my own hair, a considerable saving even with the kit and with a reasonable degree of success considering I can barely even spell balayage. I’m very happy with the (admittedly slightly crisp) result – for a first attempt anyway – and hopefully it will brighten up the autumn days please some autumn days a bit. Tights, boots and my new tartan skirt here we come, at least after this week which according to the forecast will be heading back the other way. Thank God for the aircon.

Planning has continued apace now that fun is back to being allowed outside my flat as well as in it, starting with yoga at the Ministry Of Sound in a couple of weeks, a trip to the museums next weekend and the requisite cinemagoing including a Raid 1 & 2 double feature on Friday evening – yay! My first 10K in a while in the form of a nearby Race For Life is coming up too, which means I will be getting my running shoes back on in earnest – it’s been far too long, and I have no doubt that my back will remind me of exactly how long without any hesitation at all.

I’m also booked in for ballet at Covent Garden for Christmas, Cole Porter at the Barbican plus Grayson Perry on the South Bank in October and a chance to dust off my cargo pants and gazelles they are not dusty and get my space buns on for the Ministry Of Sound’s 30th Anniversary at the O2 in November. Plus most exciting of all, a chance for a lengthy nerd-out at the Natural History Museums’s Dino Snores For Grown Ups overnighter – long planned and now happily reinstated (and booked immediately alongside the aforementioned fact-finding mission next weekend when I will choose a camping spot).

This last also led to a rummage in the loft for a sleeping bag where I discovered a box of vinyl records I’d given up hope of ever finding and decided I must have sold (along with a lot of my other vinyl records back in the day, on the basis that even in 1991 people didn’t eat black plastic) and a happy evening poking about among my Iron Maiden picture discs and Beastie Boys 12″ singles to name a couple of fab finds. Time will be set aside for a proper look through as soon as I have any – and I did find my sleeping bag!

All of the above mean that over the coming few months I’ll be here on more Saturdays (including the upcoming one) and details will be added overleaf; in the meantime visitors here won’t notice much (the slight Pringle-related growth as seen in the photos is on and off). Weekdays are as advertised, for now at least, and yes I am at Monument *please stop asking me where I am and other stupid questions, unless you actively enjoy seriously stupid answers*.

More special occasions over the weekend; Beyoncé and I now share more than an acute accent, since as of last Saturday we are now both in our fifth decade on the planet – yay! Happy 40th birthday, and whilst I won’t be joining in the energetic dancing in high heels any time soon, I will stand tall and proud in my favourite Isabel Marant wedge heel trainers, which render me a positively statuesque five foot five and make me feel a bit like a giraffe.

Nobody is more fabulous than Beyoncé. That’s just maths.

As above, I’ll be here all week, but for now it’s back to work, crispy hair included.

More soon!

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