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By amy ~ November 8th, 2021 @ 7:20 pm

Well when I started this post the London Film Festival was in full swing, and whilst I’d forgotten how exhausting charging around between myriad cinemas daily while trying to eat, sleep and earn a living can be, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and even managed to get a bit of red carpet action in not once, but twice!

I will point out that the picture above was taken at half past one on a Saturday afternoon before Ron’s Gone Wrong (which is lovely), hence the Converse – I would not and did not turn out to the Saturday night gala (Titane – pretentious try-hard cobblers) in anything other than my trusty Doc Martens (and vintage Jean Paul Gaultier, it being the first opportunity to enjoy wearing impractical clothing for a very long time). I also found time to crowbar the new Bond film in after two false starts (and in the 4DX screen too thanks to my trusty Unlimited card) and was surprised to find it was great fun (and I speak as somebody who hasn’t seen a Bond film in the cinema since Roger Moore was in them – Octopussy, I think).

A month or so on and once again, the available time for writing about things to see, places to go and new and exciting activities to do has been well and truly taken up by doing them – the last couple of weeks alone have seen me apple picking in sunny (and unexpectedly flat – I have never been anywhere so flat) Essex with the Felix Project, some Halloween horror at the Prince Charles, a cosy evening with Grayson Perry (also of Essex, at least originally) back at the Royal Festival Hall and getting some showtunes in with Anything Goes at the Barbican before the run ended as well as taking on a few extra projects at home, not least starting the Christmas plans in earnest! Details will follow asap – there wasn’t a great deal of value in putting up the usual Christmas availability page last year, but it will be back very soon, and dates/times are being finalised almost as I type.

The (rental) tree and main food shopping are ordered, fancy advent calendars are on the way, and several Christmas films plus a carol service are booked; I can now pretty much forget about the whole thing for a good few weeks and enjoy the last of the dwindling days where the sun is out for more than twenty minutes (fingers crossed). Availability is back to usual after being a bit thin last week, and I also have two Saturdays coming up, for those who find weekdays a bit of a challenge!

This coming week sees the Ministry Of Sound 30th Anniversary at the O2 (which starts early in the evening and finishes before I remember the MoS opening on a Saturday night the last time I was in it, but then I suspect I’m no different to other attendees in being of an age where we like to be home, kettle on and away to bed at a sensible hour nowadays) complete with orchestra – given that I also have a ticket to see Maximum Overdrive at the PCC, it’s going to be a nostalgia-fest of a weekend. So I will be digging out the Gazelles (but not the Wonderbra, partly because I no longer own one and mostly because even thirty years ago they were no use for anything except stashing one’s gear in the pockets where the bra pads went) and setting off for Greenwich in good time, but not so early I can’t accommodate a visitor or two prior! Not too early, though. I’m going out later on.

Time to calm down a bit for Song of the Week while continuing the dancing theme and also the bizarre film one, given the extremely odd video accompaniment. A Kitchen Disco favourite from the Baking To The Oldies section of the playlist (mixing bowl is optional).

More soon – proper Masterchef is back tonight, and I need to get the tea on. Life in the fast lane, as ever.

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