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By amy ~ November 11th, 2019 @ 3:33 pm

Since Genius Of The Week was very much enjoyed last time, here’s another gem. The many and varied ways that people think it’s appropriate to address a complete stranger with whom they have never even spoken provide hours of entertainment every week, and this one even apologised. Bless.

After four days in Edinburgh followed by ten days at home it’s time to get on with the packing again! My second return this year to the city of my birth turned out to be just the job, although it was more than enough to have a pretty train ride along the coast to a complete change of scene and some beautiful autumn sunshine, which cheered me up no end and gave me plenty of reason to get out in the fresh air whenever I could even if it was just for a quick scotch pie. Whilst I’m always glad to be in London (and even gladder to get home again) I may well make it a regular stopoff if only for the mince and tatties, and a combined birthday and Burns Night trip is already in the pipeline to cheer things up after Christmas and New Year and just before tax bill time, for more fun and hopefully plenty of haggis.

Saturday 2nd also saw the first ever ticketed Pokémon Go event and to my delight, Edinburgh’s main streets were full of players blocking the path and getting in everyone’s way – delight because for the first time ever I was one of the participants rather than the pedestrian trying desperately not to boil over with incandescent rage and start slyly kicking them into the road (and don’t get me started on the weapons grade cuntery that is cycling on the pavement). I dutifully completed most of my Special Research before I had to run back to Waverley for the three o’clock train and as a result wound up having to finish it in Scarborough, the end result being my having to chase my prized special Regigigas monster around the Tesco car park rather than capture it on Calton Hill or somewhere else that would have made a better photo than the one above. I did catch it, though.

Fast forward to this week in Waterloo – my longest standing London stopoff apart from Victoria, I think – I will be arriving on the South Bank and setting up shop late-ish on Wednesday after a trip to the hairdresser, hanging about through Thursday and Friday and to round off the week I have a ticket for Sleaford Mods over in Hammersmith on Friday night plus a long awaited look around Piccadilly Circus Underground Station before I set off on Saturday – yay! This will be the first Hidden London tour I’ve been able to go on in a good couple of years, and a poke through the unseen bits we all walk around on top of day in and day out is always an exciting way to spend a spare hour or two, if you like that sort of thing (I definitely do). And everybody should go to see Sleaford Mods, if only for the stagecraft and showmanship.

After all that it’s back in Scarborough for a month to settle things down and get geared up for Christmas; I have a (now overdue) cake to bake, a pudding to sort and a tree to organise as well as finalising my Christmas working hours and days – watch this space! Regular folk will know that the week before Christmas week means Victoria and this year is no different, plus I’ll be back shortly after New Year and in Angel. Scarborough-wise I haven’t figured out yet but blog readers will be the first to know…

Song Of The Week was brought back to me when listening to a 6Music special for the 20th anniversary of the Chemical Brothers Surrender album, which I bought on the day of release like pretty much all of the other Chemical Brothers albums including the completely different one that this was on, that album being Dig Your Own Hole. I probably lost around ten percent of my body weight thanks to Setting Sun in 1996, given that I didn’t wait for the album and bought the actual CD single as soon as I could get it. Another ten percent will have gone whenever I took my improbably-pocketed combat trousers and pale pink Gazelles with no socks off. Happy days.

More soon! New pictures on the way…

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