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By amy ~ December 9th, 2019 @ 4:13 pm

I know, it’s the same Christmas page picture after all – I didn’t have the time, the lighting or frankly the energy to start another set. It’s been hectic! And since it’s now well into December already and I’m up to my eyebrows in shopping and tree wrangling prior to setting off for London in a weeks’ time, it’s going to have to wait.

The next phase of jobs at the flat is underway and whilst there won’t be anything holding up availability before Christmas at least, the new bathroom is high up the list and will obviously require a week or so off – details posted soon! It’s been a long haul but the end is in sight at last and no-one will be more relieved than me to be able to forget all about tools, paint and self leveller for a while, although I suspect the nice lady who does my nails won’t be far behind. Meanwhile, the next few weeks are covered by the Christmas blog page overleaf; any changes of plan will be updated as I go, but for now it’s all there – yay!

My usual London pre-Christmas week is gradually taking shape and I’m feeling especially smug about buying a ticket early on for the Prince Charles Cinema’s annual Christmas Pyjama Party, it having completely sold out, and deservedly so. My new party outfit in the form of a reindeer onesie is on its way (which will also serve to provide warmth on the bus) and since I once met a cinemagoer at the Tarantino allnighter who hadn’t seen Pulp Fiction before that night, I’m aiming/hoping there may be somebody attending who hasn’t seen Die Hard. Technically I’ll be available beforehand on the Saturday, but I’d recommend declaring your interest in good time as a solid afternoon nap will be factored in – as a PCC allnighter veteran and lifetime member, I know my limits.

Stir up Sunday also ran unavoidably late, and the Christmas pudding in its nice fresh cloth is barely cooled down after a lengthy boil yesterday afternoon while I shoved cardboard boxes from the decorations back in the loft and tried to vacuum without knocking anything over (and don’t get me started on the multiple broken televisions festooning the place); today is an unashamed skive bar trying to catch up here. It’ll be good to get back to work if only for the chance to put my feet up, although the temperature has dropped with a vengeance these last couple of weeks and whilst getting some extra wear out of my stupidly expensive down-filled Belstaff coat is no bad thing, I don’t usually expect to be wearing it before January. Thank God for hot water bottles and near-boiling water Ribena with rum in it.

Also in the name of keeping the cold out, there is never a wrong time for a Trojan box set and Song Of The Week is a classic. It’s almost enough to make up for having to shut the curtains and switch the lights on at 2pm (honestly).

More soon! It’ll all get done, I know.

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