merry Christmas 2019!

By amy ~ December 24th, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

And whilst there will be a fair few among us relieved that this year is over and done with, it’s always as well to be optimistic and I can tentatively say (with fingers crossed and at least a degree of cynicism) that things are looking up at this end – yay! It would be unwise to add any more for now even if I wasn’t somewhat tactiturn by nature, so I won’t. It’s Christmas Eve!

After a lovely if tiring week in London (and that was before Saturday’s Christmas Pyjama Party at the PCC, where I lasted until slightly before 7am before sacking it in favour of coffee, a muffin and a couple of hours in bed prior to home-time), I’m putting my feet up for a few days. I may be about on Friday since I have laundry to sort and packing to do before returning to the capital just after New Year anyway, but it’ll be brief and I’d advise anybody interested to get that interest declared in good time.

The start of next week will be business as usual bar Wednesday 1st, and I’ll be heading off to London after that to (amongst other things) finally get to my hairdresser’s and not before time – thankfully I can manage a very rudimentary blowdry myself but looking as if I slept in a skip by the following day is starting to grate a bit. I’ll be back in Scarborough for the rest of the month after that and getting some running in now that the fences on the Esplanade are almost gone; the London Winter Run beckons on February 9th, and last years’ time is there to be beaten…

For now I’ll wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The season-appropriate Song Of The Week is a longstanding cheese-loaded favourite, and whilst anybody who has been in a shop or even switched on a radio in the last three weeks will likely be fed up of it I’ve never tired of Boney M yet.

More soon! Hopefully very soon (for a change, I know)…

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