…and a Happy New Year!

By amy ~ January 2nd, 2020 @ 12:07 pm

London Independent Escort

And whilst we didn’t exactly cover ourselves in glory as a country, 2019 wasn’t so bad. But this one will definitely be better *clutches at straws*.

I’m currently well on my way for my first London trip of 2020, starting with a semi-unplanned pit stop close to St Paul’s for the next couple of days; strictly speaking I’m on Other Business and availability will be limited accordingly but you never know! After that it’s back up to Islington and business as usual a couple of minutes from Angel tube; some R&R time is scheduled in and the first visit to the Prince Charles cinema of the new decade is already decided, but besides that I won’t be going far, especially if the weather’s on the turn.

The end of this month will also herald the start of my winding down available hours in Scarborough; I’ll still be here, but less so and whilst it’ll mean a bit more forward planning for local folk, I’ll keep everybody posted and full info with revised hours will follow as soon as I’m a bit more organised. And apologies for (necessary but not terribly helpful) vagueness – I know. Before that, there’s the aforementioned almost-certain trip to Edinburgh to cover my birthday, Burns Night and a bit of a catch up; since I’ll be gearing up for my third London Winter Run on February 9th – and true to form have done *cough* limited preparation – I may need to hold back a bit on the haggis.

Meanwhile, I’ve had a calm and peaceful Christmas break with much to enjoy for anybody who likes TV, Pringles and building spreadsheets I’ll raise my hand to all three and whether or not spending a cosy New Year’s Eve taking down the Christmas tree prior to getting my accounts all up to date (in front of an unexpected but very welcome Detectorists rerun) makes me as dull as ditchwater is not something I’m going to lose any sleep over. Bring on the cocoa and hot water bottles!

The first Song Of The Week of the new decade ought to perk up anybody who’s flagging a bit. I’m going back to 6Music and a nice peaceful train ride, at least for another hour or so – Londoners, will see you very soon!

More on the way. And all the best for 2020 to everyone!

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