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By amy ~ January 19th, 2020 @ 8:19 pm

And with the turn of the decade it’s been a busy few weeks and not just in London, where an accommodation blip screwed things up not entirely but fairly comprehensively at least for the first couple of days (although it did give me chance to get over to the Prince Charles for a preview of the exhausting but wholly terrific Uncut Gems which I can highly recommend – sadly I missed out on this week’s Genius; see above and form an orderly queue, ladies) but back here too, where yet more DIY jobs have been on the go just in case I’d forgotten what dust was. Thank God the worst of it is over with – for now.

The first few weeks of the year have meant a fair bit of getting organised and having a clearout with a view to simplifying things a little – the clutter was taking over thus wardrobes, drawers and storage baskets have been tipped on the basis that if I didn’t like or wear X set of lingerie in 2009 it’s unlikely that I’ll start now, and having discovered the textile recycling bank at the back of the Tesco car park I have been ruthless in getting rid of it. All I need to do is remember not to buy any more.

The new photos are also well in hand, and while I won’t have time to do anything with them this week, there should be some ready soon to cheer things up and give me something with which to replace the less than a year old ones! Fingers crossed, anyway.

Edinburgh is sneaking up fast and whilst I’ll be travelling up on Wednesday afternoon, I’m unlikely to be available until first thing Thursday morning; as the vigilant will know Wednesday is my birthday and whilst I have no particular problem with working, I’m planning a walk across town to see the very building in which I was born followed by dinner and a trip to the pictures so it’s unlikely I’ll have any free time unless it’s pissing down (which of course it never does in Scotland). I will be in town until Saturday teatime, so no rush – I turned away a fair few on my last trip a couple of months ago for various shopping and Pokémon reasons, so hopefully everybody can get caught up, including me.

As mentioned last time, my Scarborough availability will be reducing as of the middle of next month; I’ll be around but far less, and whilst nothing major will change for the folk who normally book on a Monday and Friday, the mid week days will be a rarer occurence and whilst the site frontpage will be updated weekly as usual and should be everybody’s first port of call, it’ll take me a while to go over all the rest of my ads (I’m not exactly proud that somebody turned up the other day expecting a forty year old brunette), for the time being the best way to find out is just call/text me and ask.

For the time being it’s time to get ready for the week ahead, with a spot of batch cooking in the brand new cast-iron casserole that I had coveted for weeks since it went half price in the Argos January sale but was sold out everywhere I looked …until I found a lone one in the branch on the Strand – yay! It turns out that carrying a five kg lidded pan in a box around central London in the pouring rain is even less fun than it sounds, but it was worth every second, and Song Of The Week heralds the first kitchen disco of the year the day I decided that eating virtually nothing but chocolate, dates and crisps for the best part of a month had lost any desirable qualities it ever had and that it was high time for me and Pan to pull our fingers out and prepare and cook food.

Fun fact: Reverend Black Grape remains the only song request that I have ever managed to get played on the radio (by Vernon Kaye, I think). Cool.

More soon! I’ll try to get a birthday one in as usual, but if not I’ll be back at the weekend…

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