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By amy ~ February 2nd, 2020 @ 9:20 pm

And as the keen-eyed and vigilant will have already spotted, I’m on the move…

Via some seriously hard work, a not-small sum of money and a hefty dose of pure dumb luck (mostly of the Right Place Right Time variety, which is something that until now at least, has rarely kept company with me in the last forty-seven-and-a-bit years), I have a shiny new headquarters, and in one of my very favourite places on the planet – yay! That’s some birthday present, alright.
As of Monday week, I will be keeping company almost smack in the middle of the UK’s smallest county at my (like me!) small but very nicely formed new city pad in, er, the City. The Square Mile apparently had fewer than 10,000 actual residents at last count despite the million or so folk who go to work there in the week, so there’s plenty of room for me and I won’t be getting in anybody’s way. To be fair I’m not actually moving, just cranking up the weekday activities a bit prior to a jaunt home for the fresh air, fish and chips and some normally sized rooms of a weekend.

I’m gradually blundering through my many existing ads, picking out places for new ones and updating my site where I can (SEO is such fun when you’re tired and have a million things to do) but for the time being, nothing will really be any different than usual for London callers; early(ish) starts will be available with enough warning, shorter notice bookings should be possible most of the time – although bear in mind I’ll be out bankrupting myself at Borough Market exploring when I can, the saving grace being that by the time I get through all the interesting (and free! Even Borough Market if I sew my purse shut and avert my eyes at Konditor) things to look at within ten minutes’ walk back it’ll be almost Christmas. I still won’t be working Sundays, but I’ll occasionally stay a bit later and get a Saturday in if for no reason other than the Kings Cross station closures while they crack on with the weekend engineering works (the last weekend of this month, I think).

As far as Scarborough readers are concerned, it’ll be business as usual for now but just less often; there’s a good chance I’ll know at least a week or so ahead when I’ll be hanging about in Scarborough long enough to put an incall day in during the week, so those that have been before can text and ask. You’ll need to, since I likely won’t be giving much away on the ads but either way there’s always Saturday afternoons, rail closures notwithstanding!

And for the Londoners, welcome to not having faff about planning visits around the three or four days a month I’m here, complete with inconvenient hotel check-in/out times and (from my POV at least), bothersome towel-swiping from the housekeeping trolleys and having no choice but to live on Pringles, supermarket meal deals and the occasional M&S sushi box for a treat. Plus the blindingly obvious major benefit of not having to do as many bookings as I can every single day just to make it worth the trip after the extortionate hotel bills – peaceful and relaxing will be the way forward, as befits somebody who has spent a good few years putting the hours in and is by now being old more than ready to take it down a notch!

Watch this space then, and a proper update will follow amid the chaos toward this time next week! By way of a link (and an actual view of the sunset will need to be confirmed), Song Of The Week also happens to be one of my all time favourites, although since it doesn’t exactly encourage a lot of purposeful movement and I have a nothing-short-of-colossal fuckton of things to do, I might well have to return to the kitchen disco playlist shortly…

More soon! I can update while I wait for IKEA. And Argos, Curry’s, Amazon, Superdrug, John Lewis…

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